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Ese is a soul-pop artist that debuted on the Lagos music scene May 2019.


She moved back to Lagos in January 2019 from New York where she resided and worked, signed with a top modelling agency. Following a 6year long career as an international fashion model in South Africa and travel around the globe which included a trip to Rishikesh and a few other cities in Northern India. While training as a Yoga Instructor in India, she rediscovered her passion for music during the process

Her first body of work titled INNER PEACE, an extended playlist features various local equally upcoming producers from her birth city. She tried her musical talents for the first time recording and performing in nature parks and along coasts of Lagos with her EP Tour.

Ese's musical influences include Sade Adu, Jhene Aiko, Erika Badu and Dolly Partson


Ese is Founder and CEO of her social wellness enterprise NAPPYESE who's aim is to empower less priviledged youth & orphaned children all across the globe. By donating 10% of her company earnings to her NAPPYESE KIDS FOUNDATION, she's is creating a community that supports orphans with basic necessities,  and empowers them with soft skills and values such as believing  independent thinking, team work and empathy. Equipping them as leaders of the future and society


Ese is a 200hr trained and certified Yoga instructor of Hatha Yoga. She aims to share yoga as a practice and way of life worldwide and with the children of her Nappyese Kids Foundation to help fuel their physical, mental and emotional capabilities


She has held yoga classes and events in New York City's central Park with her 5 burrow tour and continues to share her passion and dedication for Yoga in her birth city. Holding mobile classes and events along the beach coasts of Lagos Island. She combines her love for nature, travel, and music into one of a kind holistic events.

She also teaches private and virtual yoga and meditation classes

Ese refers to her die hard fans and supporters as her Nappyboos!

The Nappyboo title is given to her supporters who follow and patronize her Nappyese business and music with a purchase and follows her movements across all social media platforms


My Merch @nappyesestyle

Sustainable Luxury Handmade Headwraps and Accessories created by ESE with love for her Nappyboos.

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